Monday, June 24, 2013

FemSport Calgary 2013 - A Recap

The big day has now come and gone but it has left us with the awesome feelings of accomplishment, camaraderie and team spirit. What a truly wonderful experience!

Bam Bam's Newfie Chicks won 3rd place in the team novice division and we were tickled pink with the placement.

The decision to go ahead with the competition in Calgary with all of the flooding going on in the city was met with some very discouraging and negative feedback. The organizers did not make this decision lightly and the competition took place in honor of all those suffering. Many, possibly even all of us, donated anything and everything that we could including our swag bags, t-shirts and monetary donations. FemSport along with Platoon FX (the venue) gave all the proceeds from sales to the relief as well as donated all the prizes.

Starting at 10am on June 22nd with nervous anticipation, almost 80 women of all ages, shapes and sizes huffed and puffed our way through kettle bell lifts, tire pull, box jumps, tire flips and obstacle course events.

Overall, it was an inspiring day! I personally feel that the FemSport event was a truly positive experience; a glimmer of hope through a negative time. A day filled with determination and positivity in a world where we concentrate too much on the negative.

The organizers and volunteers were there for us all and showed nothing but encouragement and support for each of us. This was an event not about winning or losing but about proving to yourself you can do it. An event of empowerment for women who love fitness and encourage one another not to quit but instead to do all they can to push through and finish.

I saw girls cry because they struggled with box jumps but made it through, I saw ladies pile around a girl with encouraging words to aid her in pulling a tire across the finish line and I saw ladies hug, laugh and feel good about themselves because they finished. It wasn't about winning; it was about making everyone believe in themselves and feel like a champion. It was about cheering on those who struggled to push them through and encourage them not to give up. A positive atmosphere in a trying time. Talk about inspiring!!

A huge shout out to my teammates Clarine and Michelle; we made a great team. To our trainer, Andrew who kicked out asses and got us ready but who also drove the many hours to be there, took pictures and gave us support the whole way through. To my hubby,who couldn't be there but was there in spirit for sure. To our fluffers, Anna and Nicole and to my mother in law and her friend for cheering us on.

I feel very blessed and honoured to have competed in this event as part of team Bam Bam's Newfie Chicks but also to have been a part of the total team of truly inspiring, strong women.

Hats off to FemSport; I think I speak for the team when I say we can't wait to do it again.

Until next time,

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  1. Great job this weekend ladies! We also had a blast at our first Femsport competition and cannot wait for next year...well maybe once the bruised shins recover ....hehe What an amazing and empowering event like I have never seen before...proud to be a part of it - especially in light of the tragedy of our city at the time!
    Take Care
    Chantelle Brown - Chica Chaleekas

    1. Thanks Chantelle. It was a truly awesome experience. Looking forward to seeing you again next year as well :)