Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Transformation Tuesday- Jenn's Story

This week’s Transformation Tuesday comes from Jenn at Live, Love, Lift.
Jenn is currently training for her third bodybuilding competition and is very inspirational.

Here she tells the story of her transformation in her own words.

All my life I've struggled with my weight; never a substantial amount; always the same 35 plus coming on and off. Mostly on though as I'd crash diet, try the new fad or work out like a crazy person then get to where I thought I wanted to be and then stop. Every single time the weight would creep back on and I'd end up feeling defeated. In February of 2012, I jumped on a friend's scale (I didn't own one anymore as it was too depressing) and I was over 150 lbs, something snapped in my head. I was turning 43 the following month and decided enough was enough. It was time to change and I wanted it desperately. So I found a personal trainer and split the cost with a girlfriend thinking accountability would help this time. We worked out together for the summer and it felt amazing! By the fall, I'd dropped some weight and I knew I needed to do more. I joined a gym and started setting small goals like three days a week then four. Still losing weight I needed another goal. Two years prior I'd attended a body building competition and was blown away! Then the crazy idea came that I wanted to compete the following year. In January of last year, I found and hired a competition coach. Knowing myself well, if I didn't find a way to be held accountable by more than just him, I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it. So, I started my fitness page hoping a few friends would follow along and help me stay on track then something amazing happened. I was knee deep in not only training but changing my whole life. From eating clean, making healthy choices and sticking with the plan my coach provided, I started to realize I could do this! Meanwhile, the fitness page was growing like crazy and people were asking me for advice! Me! The chick who's butt rarely left the couch prior to the spring of 2012. Can you imagine?

Not only did I compete in one bodybuilding competition, I entered two last summer. I pretty much came in last both times but that didn't and doesn't matter in the least. I was the trophy! My new-found confidence, courage and dedication were the trophy. Finding self-worth and empowerment continues to be my prize. Over the past few months the fitness page has grown in leaps and bounds. What I strive for today is helping others to see that they can do this too. I spent years sitting on the sidelines of life, watching and always thinking I can never do that. Not only am I doing "that", I'm doing even more than I could have ever expected. This fitness journey continues to change, unfold and has brought the most amazing people into my life. Even though I'm currently in training for my next show in April, I'm constantly in training for life now, to be better than I was yesterday and hopefully help others along the way.

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