Monday, March 24, 2014

The Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T - Week 2

Hi Everyone,

As discussed last week I am heading into week 3 of the Fast Metabolism D.I.E.T which is based on the book by Hayley Pomroy.

So a recap of week 2 is in order as promised.

I am feeling good overall. I mean I have energy, I am getting all my meals in as appropriate for each phase and I am pleased with the overall ease at which I can follow this program. Ultimately it is not that different from how I eat on a normal, everyday basis so things have been going rather well.

I do prefer phase 3 (the all macros phase) over any other but I presume that is to be expected. We all like to get all our macros and not be deprived on any. However, I do prefer phase 2 for the training because as we all know lifting is my favourite exercise.

I was a little discouraged when I weighed myself this morning; being that there is still no change but I am handling it well. The book does say that some people may not notice any changes until the last week or not at all. My main concern is and should be repairing the damages to the inside and there should be less concern with the outside at this point.

A few things happened in week 2 that I had to deal with #1 I wound up with some really bad back pain and I had to visit the chiropractor to get it resolved. Finally I feel better. #2 I noticed a dramatic decrease in my energy levels on phase 2 (high-protein, veggie) which is also not unusual considering there are very little carbs and no fats included for energy. #3 I noticed that no matter how many days I go without my morning coffee, I still miss it.

Is the plan doing what it should? I honestly don't know. I'm not sure how I know if my metabolism is being repaired or not. I guess for now I just trust the process. I have noticed that I am not quite as tired each morning or throughout the day as I was prior to following this plan, it seems as though, for the most part, my body temperature has come up and my digestive system seems to be cooperating.

I have 2 weeks to go to complete the 28 days. If the book is correct by the end of the 28 days, I should expect to have organs, such as my liver and kidneys, working to the best of their ability. Glands, such as the adrenals and pituitary, functioning normally and my hormones in check. As well as a fully stoked metabolism.

Fingers crossed for me. I'll keep you posted.

Until next time,

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