Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fit Girls Rock- Achieving Goals

Hello Fitness Peeps!
I feel like I have been neglecting the blog except for the occasional Transformation Tuesday post.

So where do I begin?

I am officially a certified ISSA fitness trainer. I am so stoked to finally be moving into making fitness my career, fulfilling one of my main goals and one of my biggest dreams. Not only did I pass the exam but I also got hired by the newest local gym in town and I will start training there when it opens in late June/early July. I am currently shadowing some experienced trainers a couple of nights a week.

Training is going strong for the FemSport competition in June. Sled pulls, sled push, tire flips and box jumps are all a regular part of my routine these days. The competition is on June 28 in Calgary, Alberta.

I have also registered for all 3 Spartan races this year. The sprint in Edmonton in early July, the Super in Red Deer in mid-September and the Beast in British Columbia in late September. After all 3, I will have my Spartan Trifecta and I will have completed another of my main goals for the year. My husband is completing the sprint with me.

As for me; my diet and my training are still on par but nothing is moving. I am not getting any leaner and therefore I am still experimenting and trying to figure out what is going on. It is so very FRUSTRATING!!!!

Post trying The Fast Metabolism diet, I have just been strictly counting calories and macros but nothing, nada. On Sunday, I started researching Blood Type diets and I am also heading to the doctor to be tested for food intolerances. Honestly I am lost and so is everyone else that I talk to. The normal, calories in vs calories out, does not seem to work for me at all. So you can imagine how frustratingly difficult this is.

The majority of my training is now circuit style with the occasional body part split thrown in there as well. I am enjoying the training and enjoying doing a lot of the workouts outside after such a long winter.
And lastly, I am looking into putting together some Fitgirlsrock merchandise.

What would you guys like to see?

Until next time,

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  1. Congrats! I've done the Super and the Beast! AROO! :)