Thursday, July 25, 2013

The FitGirl Scoop

There is a lot of excitement buzzing around my life these days.
I am totally back into the gym and training but taking it slow for the time being; averaging about 5 days a week sometimes 4; twice with my trainer and the remainder with my husband, friend or solo.
There is still some concern with my slow metabolism and my hunger issues (being that I am rarely hungry) but that too seems to be slowly improving. Concentrating these days on listening to my body, eating all my macro-nutrients and getting back into the training that I love.
*training at the hotel gym a few days ago (travel for work); here I have a strap around my waste attached to 120lbs on the machine and I am running in and out*
I won’t be competing this year like I had hoped but it’s all about acceptance which I have done. It was a considerable disappointment at first but, for the remainder of the year, I am taking the time to really get my body back on track. The plan is to try competing again next year because I thoroughly loved doing it.
I am still overcoming and struggling through the body image issues and learning to ‘love myself’ as I am today. I won’t lie it is a daily struggle one that I am slowly learning to accept. I have bad days, very bad days, good days and days when I don’t concentrate on it that much at all. It is a battle but one that I am taking in stride and pushing through.
I have set a few new and exciting goals for myself. I registered for the Spartan Super Race here in Alberta on September 7.  The Spartan Super will be my first ever race of this kind and I’m quite excited about it; all 13+km and 21 obstacles.
My husband and I also registered for a Costa Rican yoga retreat in November. It is one of those things that I have always wanted to do and it falls within the week of my birthday. Bonus!
Next on the list of new FitGirlsRock things. I became a Pro Staff member at Lift like a Girl. Check me out:
All of these things have been helping to keep me inspired and motivated, to continue giving it my all and to eventually overcome the setbacks that I have had to face in the last few months.
My new job position is going well and it brought a new shift which I mentioned in a prior post so I am feeling almost rejuvenated not having to be at work for 11 or 12 hours a day and not having to wake at 4:30am to get there.
And last but certainly not least; In 6 more sleeps, I leave on vacation to go back home and visit my family…beyond excited!!!
That’s the latest FitGirl scoop :)
Until next time;

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