Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fitness while Travelling

I got approached a few days ago from Mike who wanted to write a guest post for FitGirlsRock in regards to fitness while travelling.

Fitness is not something a lot of people take the time to do while on vacation and not something a lot of people research before leaving for vacation. My husband and I always check our hotels before we leave to see what sorts of fitness amenities are offered.


Anyway without further ado; here is Mike's article:

Staying Fit on the Go

Even though traveling has always been a pretty stressful experience, new airport policies have made the experience even more stressful. If you add in the extra money being spent, the time away from home, and the long layovers at the airport, the experience can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, many people understand that the best way to reduce this added stress is to exercise, but sadly, people do not know how to participate in any type of exercise routine when they are traveling. However, by researching your hotel and airport before you leave for your trip, you can determine if you will be able to exercise while you are away.

Workout at the Hotel
Each hotel will have different amenities that it will offer its guests. From free breakfast to free Internet access, you will find lots of things that will make you want to stay there. However, you should not neglect the fact that you will need to exercise during your trip. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was wondering how I was going to be able to balance my work schedule but still be able to get a nice workout in.  After brainstorming a few ideas, I began to browse a few review sites in order to find more information on some possible places I could stay.  I was provided with various lists of hotels in San Francisco, along with a ton of information on each individual hotel.  This made the process much easier and I was able to pick the hotel that would directly fit my traveling and fitness needs.   
If your hotel does not have any type of exercise facility, then you may have to get creative in how you will be burning off some steam, possible a light job or even a walk outside could do the trick. Also, some hotels will offer better exercise equipment than other hotels. In addition to this, some of these hotels will even offer exercise classes. The exercise classes will be very attractive because they will allow guests to socialize with the other guests, and they will also allow the guests to have a more structured workout.
Workout at the Airport
With the many screening policies at the different airports, you may find yourself spending a considerable amount of time there. By spending so much time there, you will also realize that your stress levels are at their highest when you are waiting at the airport. Luckily, airport officials recognized this as well. As a result, some airports began offering their passengers the opportunity to exercise while they were waiting to board their flights. The San Francisco International Airport and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport both offer different types of exercise amenities for their passengers.

Traveling is definitely a stressful event, but you can take steps to eliminate this stress. If you do thorough research and determine if you are able to exercise during your trip, you will probably         eliminate a lot of the stress that you will encounter. Therefore, whether your trip is for business or  pleasure, exercise will allow you to have an enjoyable time.

Thanks Mike!
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  1. San Francisco International Airport...that's cool!

    I always check out the gyms near me when travelling...or what's offered at the hotel :)

    1. Me too! Love training with my hubby when we are on vacation! :)