Sunday, April 7, 2013

A week in review

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

It has been a week of many ups and downs. Struggling most days due to PMS and whatever my body is going through but feeling better on others. I haven't had any other reactions like the two weeks previous so I guess I am getting better.

I was tired throughout the week though, but I guess working long days and getting up at 4:15am is bound to make one tired. Especially if you can't seem to make it to bed before 10pm. Uggg..after 10 years; this is getting old.

My clean eating and workouts went well but I did find that I was sort of dragging myself to the gym. Which is so unlike me; It sucks! Once there though workouts were great.

My husband is really into training these days too and he has made some great progress. It inspires me to see him getting so excited to workout.

Here are our workouts this week:

Monday: legs and cardio
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: chest and shoulders and cardio
Friday: back and cardio
Saturday: triceps and biceps and cardio
Sunday: body weight circuit at home

I beat a couple personal bests; pumped out sled pulls with 8x45lb plates, bent over barbell rows with 105lbs and db rows with 60lbs.

Still drinking (choking down) the morning green shakes but I did slip and drink a lot of coffee this week and unfortunately I am not suppose to be drinking caffeine; So I have to STOP!

I am having a a hard time at the moment and still struggling daily. It is so frustrating to be training as hard as I am, eating as clean as I do and seeing no real results, in fact, my jeans are tighter. I feel so helpless and like crying but my strength is improving and this is at least one positive.

I will NOT give up! There is no way, I have come to far to give up now.

I am hoping to compete again and right now there is just no way that's possible. I am hoping between the shake, clean eating, herbs, milk thistle, etc that I can see some major improvements soon.

That's all for now.

Here is a motto that I have been reciting lately. One that keeps me going and may help any of you who are struggling as well.

"Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing. Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there."

Until next time,


  1. Just because you are struggling does NOT mean you are failing. <--- love that.

    Hope all is okay xo

    1. I know. It's funny how when you need it; things like that pop up everywhere :)
      I am starting to come around. thanks. Still struggling to accept where I am vs where I want to be but still working hard :)
      Thanks again!