Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fitgirlsrock Personal Training Studio- Why?

Hi Fitness Peeps,

I wanted  to take the time to give you more details about my Fitgirlsrock pt services, studio and why I decided to go for it.

As the majority of you know, fitness has been my passion for a very long time. I played team sports in highschool and in my university years I became a runner and an occasional weight lifter. The running and occasional weight lifting aspects continued for years but I wasn't seeing the significant improvements in my body cosmetically that I wanted. I had goals.....I wanted to lift heavier but wasn't sure I knew how to do so properly, I wanted to compete and I wanted to feel good both inside and out, so in 2011 I decided to hire a trainer. I hoped to achieve the goals I just mentioned, to learn more about lifting/training in general and also about clean eating.

I actually achieved all of those goals and many more. I listened to my trainer, I asked questions, I trained hard, I learned what clean eating actually was, I became a gym rat and I loved it. In November of 2012, I stepped on amazing accomplishment for me and I haven't looked back. I actually created this page just after that competition and started my blog as a way to journal my journey to the stage. In June and every June following, a couple of friends and I complete in Femsport, I've completed many races over the years and started running Spartan OCRs in 2013 and in 2014 I achieved my Spartan Trifecta.

As you can probably tell, fitness is now one of my biggest passions in life. I have seen setbacks, I have struggled and still do but I have never, ever given up and I believe that I, like my own trainer at the time, walk the walk and talk the talk. I eat clean with an occasional treat, I lift heavy, push my body and I believe in doing things the natural way. It is amazing what the human body can do :)
In early 2014, I completed my ISSA personal training certificate and from there I was employed part-time by Gym Nation. In December of 2014, during a conversation with my husband, I decided to build my own gym and to use it as a pt studio to take clients and train them from my home. I did this for a couple of reasons #1 I, personally, wanted my own gym so I could work out anytime I wanted and to also make it easier for my husband who gets home from work a lot later #2 I had talked to many women who wanted to make a change and wanted to workout but are intimidated by the bigger gyms, are shy and would prefer one on one private services #3 By creating a gym and taking clients from here I can make it less expensive for clients as there is no membership fee just my pt rate #4 I want to make fitness my full time career.

Fast Forward to today and the personal training studio is almost ready. Construction will be completed this week, from there equipment will be moved in and setup and then final touches/decor and I'll be ready for business. While the space will not be huge, it will certainly provide everything I need to help clients (women only) workout and achieve their goals. I hope to be open for clients by late February (date to be confirmed).

I am also in the process of studying to complete my ISSA specialist in Fitness Nutrition Certification as another means of helping my clients. I actually just opened  my exam....eek!

In closing, I want to thank Andrew Bambury, who trained me and who I feel to be one of the most influential people in setting me on this path, to my hubby who always said "go for it; you can do it", to all my friends and family and to all my followers here on this page.

I truly believe that helping people with health and fitness is what I was meant to do and so here I am.
For more information on my pt services, opening date on my studio, etc please send an email to

Until next time,

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