Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Spartan Super Race- A Recap

Hey Everyone,

This past Saturday, my husband and I ran the Spartan Super in Red Deer, Alberta; another wonderful, fun, exhilarating day. 15km and numerous obstacles later, we were jumping over fire to finish it off with a time of 2:03:24

There is definitely something to be said for running these obstacle races with a significant other. I love that I am strong enough to help my husband through some of the obstacles and that he is always there to help and encourage me as well.

At 9am, with a final AROO and dressed as Wonder woman and Batman, we are off. I start out fairly strong but I lose that around mile 3 or 4 and I begin to get discouraged. My obstacle abilities are strong however it is my running that holds me back. I have to walk for little bits at a time, which is so unlike me, but I never quit. My husband, on the other hand, is feeling great and performing wonderfully.

We climb and jump over things, swing through monkey bars, flip tires, swim, throw spears, drag bricks, run stairs, carry sand bags, get muddy, etc.; all for fun and side by side. My husband is wonderful at the spear throw; I, on the other hand, suck. Although for the first time ever, I did get it, it just didn’t stick. Argh…burpees for me! One other set of burpees at the rope climb for each of us and we are done. I can’t seem to ever get a tight enough grip on the rope and with all that mud it just wasn’t happening…….one day I’ll get it!!

The race was well organized again this year. Race package pickup, bag drop off and getting numbers was a breeze. Volunteers were great throughout the race, the cleanup stations and change rooms setup at the end were efficient and we, personally, had no issues from start to finish.

This is my 3rd Spartan race, my husband’s 2nd. We did the Sprint together in July and I completed this particular Super last year as well; my time was a little better then but I’m not beating myself up over it. I had fun and I finished.

On September 27th, I am heading into the Beast in order to complete my goal of achieving my trifecta this year. I hear the course at Sun Peaks is grueling so I hope I can stay strong. I won’t give up and I will finish; another 3 weeks of training to go.

We are Spartan….AROO!!!

Until next time,


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