Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transformation Tuesday- Candice's Story

I’m back with another Transformation Tuesday and this one comes from Candice Pilgrim. Candice and I competed together in the KeaneClassic, here in Fort McMurray in 2012. We competed in different divisions but the same show.

I wanted to feature Candice because her transformation story is different. In her case, it wasn’t about losing weight but about going from skinny and unhealthy to healthy and fit.
Here is her story:
My name is Candice Pilgrim and I reside in Ft McMurray, Alberta with my husband and two sons, Aidan (8) and Dax (5). I had always been an athlete growing up....an endurance athlete at that. I was a National Level swimmer from the age of 8 until 16. I competed in numerous running and Triathlon races later on but it wasn't until we moved to Ft McMurray 4 years ago that I started to lose that focus in competing....and exercising for that matter.

I had always been "skinny" but I was very unhealthy on the inside. My life revolved so much around my young boys and husbands busy work schedule that I had no time to focus on myself. Two years ago, I was sitting at my desk job as a Fitness Specialist at a local gym, and decided I wanted to try Fitness Competitions. I trained for about 12 weeks and competed in my first local show - The Keane Classic in November 2012. I competed in the Bikini and Fit Mom Divisions and placed 3rd in both. I couldn't believe that I had made it through the process! I always said I couldn't but I definitely proved myself wrong.... I had found my niche.

I signed up for another competition right away - The NPAA Canada Classic (Natural Physiques and Athletics Association) which took place in Calgary, AB on May 19th 2013. It was a very successful show for me as I had entered the Amateur Fitness Model Division and won overall, earning an Elite Pro Card with the Federation. I signed up for yet another competition that year. This time it was with the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion). It was the show of the year - WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas, NV. I competed with over 30 athletes in the Amateur Fitness Diva Category and placed 2nd overall; Earning yet another Pro Card - A WBFF Pro Card.
I am currently a loyal Professional Fitness Competitor with the WBFF and with this title which I've had for almost a year now, I have been asked to represent the WBFF in Alberta assisting with Amateur shows and training camps. My next show with the WBFF, the WBFF Worlds, is on August 16th 2014 in Las Vegas. This will be my professional debut in the Figure Division....something I am very proud and excited about.
It amazes me still, being a 100% natural athlete that I can transform my body to compete at this level. Thank you Melissa for asking to feature me; it’s an honor to share my story a bit for those that may find it inspiring.
If you would like to be featured on a Transformation Tuesday please don't hesitate to contact me.
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