Sunday, November 3, 2013


I've started back into juicing this weekend as a way to get all my macros and vitamins. My husband has been feeling sluggish and sort of like he is coming down with a flu so what better way to make sure you are getting loads of vitamins than with natural, healthy, juicy fruit and veggies.

As you all know, when I first started down the road to metabolic recovery (an ongoing process still), I was juicing 3-4 times a day to ensure that I was fueling my body with the proper nutrients but also because at that time food was not my favourite thing. I mean I didn't give up eating but I was just enjoying my juices and shakes much more than anything else at the time.

Juicing came up again this week when I saw some posts on facebook of friends who were doing it and I got inspired to pick up where I left off. My husband and I started today with 2 juice and will continue for the next 3 days until we leave to go away on vacation.

Today's recipe:
3-4 sticks of kale
3-4 sticks of romaine lettuce
1 lemon
1 apple
1 celery stick
3-4 sprigs of Cilantro

What do you think of juicing? Have you ever tried it? Share your recipes  :)

Until next time,


  1. I think I need to get a good juicer on my Christmas wish list this year!

    1. Personally, I love mine and I think it's awesome!