Thursday, August 22, 2013

Metabolic Damage- An Update

I wanted to give everyone an update as to where I am in my metabolic damage repair process. For my original metabolic damage story read here.

I am happy to say that within the last couple of weeks I have begun to notice some great improvements in how I feel overall. Bonus! Finally!!! It has been and still is a struggle from time to time but knowing that things are improving; even if only gradually, makes me feel good.

My energy levels are up, my motivation is higher and my appetite has improved even my nails look better. My body image issues are still there and are a tough thing to deal with but I am a firm believer that a positive attitude goes a long way.

I have also noticed a dramatic difference in my mindset; I seem to be really ready to focus 100% on getting leaner. Not that I wasn’t before; however the issue was that my mind was ready; my body was not. Now I feel like my body has finally caught up.

I have to give a huge shout out to Naomi of Keane2befit for being my coach through this, for listening and for understanding. Check out the Keane sisters at . These 2 are amazing and there energy and aura is intoxicating!

So what is my plan and path forward?

Currently I have switched into a carb cycling plan (1 high day, 2 low days and so on)
Eating every 2-3 hours equally 6 small meals/day
*It is too early to tell if it working but so far I still feel fine*

3-4 days/week of AM Fasted cardio (20-30 minutes)
20 minutes intervals post weight sessions
4 days weights with 1 full day off and so on (weight training to be lighter weigh but high volume)
*Again too early to tell but I feel good and I did my first day of AM fasted cardio yesterday. I am not new to it but it was my first 5am morning in a while. Luckily my husband went with me and we were out the door by 4:50am*

Greens, Glutamine, protein powder, BCAAs, L-Carnitine, pro-biotics, digestive enzymes, omega 369, CLA/ALA, macca powder, multi vitamin, vitamin C, Vitamin B12, mineral combo of magnesium, zinc, selenium and vegetable iodine also apple cider vinegar and ZMA if needed)

Mind and Body
Listening to my body will be key so as to not overdo it and end up where I started
Positive attitude

I finally feel as though I am on the right path; physically, mentally and emotionally. I still have those days where I want to cry when I think about where I am compared to where I was but I am doing ok. The struggles are all a part of the process and I have learned a lot through all of this. It has helped me grow as a person. I am not there yet; I am not better but I have come a long way considering I could hardly function in the beginning. I just hope that my body is ready to respond; I feel like it is. Fingers crossed!

Metabolic damage is a huge issue that affects so many and it is a tough thing to have to deal with. It will make you feel like quitting and giving up—DON’T!!

Tips from FitGirlsRock:
*Get educated and read a lot
*Find a coach who can help, listen and give advice
*Stay positive and remember that it will get better; no matter how hopeless it seems
*Remember that everyone is different so what worked for me, for instance, may not work for you
*Listen to your Body; really listen- this is so important
*Rest—lots of rest!

My main goals at this point are to continue to feel better from here (no setbacks) so listening to my body will be important. I want to especially lean out so as to feel better (inside and out) about myself overall but I don’t want this to steal the focus away from being healthy and getting over metabolic damage, in general.

Physical goals in the next few months are the Spartan Super on September 7, the Run for the Cure (5k) on October 6, the Keane2Tri Challenge on October 25th and a rejuvenating yoga retreat in November in Costa Rica.

I’m super exciting to report that I am on my way to feeling better. Stay tuned for updates on how the new program is going.

Until next time,

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